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About us

In the beginning was the idea…

We wanted to establish a company due to breed rapidly growing trees in the beginning. After we had analysed our intention from the perspective of cash-flow, our first business plan have not been feasible. Therefore we commenced to ponder about doing business in agriculture. Our company ZENERGO Ltd. is a successful result.


ZENERGO Ltd. was founded in 3/23 2011. Initially we tried to get enough arable land in tenancy for a purpose of expansion of our agricultural activities.

We have offered people who are owners of arable land in our vicinity occasion of hire their estates in better rental rates from 2 to 3 times greater than they had had negotiated in their contracts. Our initiative wasn’t apprehended positively from owners of holdings. We have had to revise previous business plan on base of this setback. We have embarked to buy arable land from owners. Our intent to cultivate plants on this buy out ground is persisting.


ZENERGO is the parent company of dynamic holding companies which are acting all over region of Czech Republic. The main activities are in the agribusiness, purchase of land and preparation of energetic projects. These days ZENERGO has about 50 employees.


ZENERGO intends to achieve significant market position, bigger economic strength and higher economic capacities.

Our subsidiary companies are created due to current and future trends world markets. So ZENERGO wants to attain stability during fluctuation of some market.

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